Custom Made Pallets & Skids

Custom Made Pallets & Skids

Looking for a particular size plastic pallet and can’t seem to find it anywhere?  Does your application requires a non-stocked size plastic pallet?  You have options and this may be the solution.

Custom Plastic RPVC Pallets are made from 100% recycled rigid PVC plastic and are recyclable. There is no pallet size too big or too small, we can make them all. They are available in 2 or 4-way entry and offer a non-slip or smooth surface. You receive your ordered pallets assembled or knocked down and bulk packed to lower freight costs.

Custom colors are available but will be made with virgin rigid PVC.

  • Tell us how much weight your pallet needs to support. We will design, build, and ship a plastic pallet that will handle any weight for shipping or storage.
  • There pallets in the field holding a static load of 25,000 pounds for several years.  That’s reliability.

We have built custom pallets 23′ long for customers and 12 1/2′ wide for others. The only limit is the size of the semi trailer.

Additionally, we can have your pallets made of composite materials.  Composite materials are very dense and heavy.  We have built skids to move 10,000 lb MRI magnets across the country.

Unlike molded pallets and skids, both types of pallets (PVC and composite) are repairable by you, at your facility if need be.

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