24 X 20 X 16 Stacking Container
Item ID: GP10900A

Outside Dimensions:  ~ 24 X 20 X 16 tall
Inside Dimensions:  ~ 22 X 18 X 15.5 tall
Container Weight: 9 lb 
Maximum Container Weight:  120 lb
Maximum Stack Weight:  620 lb*  
Additional Available Size:
Outside Dimensions:  19.37 X 15.82 X 9.21 tall
Inside Dimensions:  17.51 X 13.97 X 8.6 tall
Container Weight: 4.16 lb  FOB:  Israel

Please Note:  The maximum amount of weight you can put into each container is 120 lbs.  The maximum amount of weight you can put into a stack of containers is 620 lbs.  So, if you load 120 lbs in all of your bins, you can stack them 5 tall.  (620 ÷ 120 = 5.16)  If you wanted to make a stack 10 tall, keep in mind that you cannot exceed 620 lbs in that stack.  If you do not understand this, please call us and we will explain it to you.




Hundreds of uses!

  • Picking Containers for E-commerce companies
  • Storage for small packaged items
  • Sort and organize by size, colors, SKU
  • Stackable up to 10 units tall
  • No shelves needed
  • Compact size designed to fit in tight spaces
  • Front pocket for ID placards, bar coding
  • Polypropylene is lighter weight, higher rigidity and hardness than polyethylene