48 X 42 X 5.5 Nestable Rackable Pallet
Item ID: CP4842

Former Item ID: N/A

Description: 48 X 42 X 5.5 Nestable Rackable Pallet
Length: 48 in
Width: 42 in
Height:  5.5 in
Dynamic Capacity: 3,000 lb
Static Capacity: 15,000 lb
Can be used in an unsupported warehouse rack? Yes
Open Span Racking Capacity: 1,500 lb
Pallet Weight:
26 lb
Material: Recycled materials
Pricing:  $ 42 each

Additional Info: Ships 750 pallets per 53′ truck trailer



WHAT??? Nestable AND Rackable???  Inconceivable!

Unique pallet has bottom notches to rest on the front and rear beam racks.  Very clever and useful.  The runners are concave to allow straight tracking on flow racks that are gravity fed and have skate wheel tracks to keep the pallet aligned.