48 X 48 X 31
Item ID: CRFB4448

Description: Flat bottom straight walled container
Length: 48 in
Width: 44 in
Height: 31 in
Pallet Weight: 132 lb
Dynamic Load Capacity: 190 gallons



Unique straight walled container has a flat inside bottom, and a long lasting replaceable pallet attached to the bottom of the container.

Available in 5 standard colors: grey, white, navy blue, forest green and yellow.  Containers can be made in other colors as well for a modest set-up charge.

Containers are 44 X 48 at the top and come in the following heights:  30.5″ (190 gal), 36″ (225 gal), 38″ (227 gal), 42″ (277 gal), 45″ (300 gal), 56″ (375 gal).  Height sizes include the pallet bottom.  Please contact us for more detailed dimensions.