48 X 40 X 6.1

Description: 48 x 40 x 6.1 Colored Rackable Pallets
Length: 48 in
Width: 40 in
Height: 6.1 in
Dynamic Capacity: 5000 lb
Static Capacity: 25000 lb
Can be used in an unsupported warehouse rack? Yes
Open Span Racking Capacity: 1000 lb  (weight changer 2/17/21)
Pallet Weight:
36 lb
Virgin HDPE
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Additional Info:
15 per Stack LTL and 17 per Stack FTL, 526 per Truck Load.


Colored Stackable Rackable Plastic Pallets!!!  FDA Approved!

Combines strength and economy in a lightweight one-piece design for superior performance at an affordable price. They are ideal for use in warehouse racking systems, as well as stack loading, closed loop transport, floor storage and automated material handling applications.

Looking to get your warehouse more organized?  Then these colored stackable rackable plastic pallets are for you.  Various colors available.  Virgin plastic at an affordable price.

Does your company do Six Sigma or are you ISO Certified?  Get your certification in your warehouse quicker, easier and for less money by color coding your warehouse!

Some other benefits of our Colored Stackable Rackable Plastic Pallets are that they are Cost effective, have an impressive weight-to-load capacity ratio, are resistant to insects, bacteria and fungi, makes for easy block stacking by cruciform perimeter base and so much more!


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