Item ID: AE4840-100 NS

Former Item ID: AE4840-100

Description: Open deck design
Length: 48 in
Width: 40 in
Height: 5.2 in
Dynamic Capacity: 2200 lb
Static Capacity: 3500 lb
Can be used in an unsupported warehouse rack? No
Pallet Weight: 11 lb
Material: Recycled Materials

*** FULL TRUCKLOADS ONLY, QTY 2,340 pallets $ 12.20 each ***


Additional Info:  Exceeding the stated load capacity will result in broken pallets and/or damaged product.  This pallet is a limited use pallet.



Full Truckload Export Pallet


Plastic pallets do not require heat treatment, fumigation nor certificates proving they are bug and insect larva free.

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