Item ID: FM4844-34

Description: Collapsible Bulk Container
Outside Length: 48 in Inside Length: 44.5 in
Outside Width: 44.5 in Inside Width: 41.5 in
Total Height: 33.8 in Fill Line Height: 27 in
Collapsed Height: 12.5 in
Container Weight: 118 lb
Dynamic Load Capacity: 1,800 + lbs

Additional Info:  High pressure injection molded, two piece compression heat-welded base, is the most durable base on the market.  Detached covers available.



48x44x34 Bulk Container – Think of all the places these collapsible bulk containers can be used, warehouse, fields, schools, recycling centers and more!


Plastic pallets do not require heat treatment, fumigation nor certificates proving they are bug and insect larva free.

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