What is an export pallet?

Any plastic pallet can be used as an export pallet, but most companies will choose the least costly pallet that will safely hold their shipment. When considering an export pallet, it is wise to consider the cost of product that is placed on the pallet. A $ 50,000 shipment sent on a $9.00 inadequate pallet is not best the way to save a few pennies.

If plastic pallets cost more than wood pallets, why should I use plastic pallets when exporting? Plastic pallets do not require heat treating, time limiting stamping and the need to fill out customs papers verifying that the wood pallets conform to overseas shipping regulations. Once you figure in the time expended by your personnel regarding using wood pallets, the true cost of the wood pallet can then be compared to plastic pallets. Questions and answers concerning the use of wood materials in export shipping can be found here: www.aphis.usda.gov.