What is a nestable pallet?

A picture is worth a thousand words so: Here is a picture of pallets that fit nicely together when not in use. Similar to Styrofoam coffee cups, these pallets save space when not loaded with product (or coffee!) Most often plastic pallets from one manufacturer will not “nest” with pallets from another manufacturer. There are… Continue Reading →


What is a stackable pallet?

Stackable pallets have bottom support so as to be able to be placed on top of another loaded pallet and provide stability during storage and transport. See how precise these stacks of product are? They are kept stable by using a stackable pallet and also by being loaded correctly. Stackable pallets can have runners on… Continue Reading →


What is a rackable pallet?

A rackable pallet is engineered to be able to hold a specified amount of weight in an open span racking system. Shown below, an open span rack has a front bar and a back bar and nothing in between. Rackable pallets may also be used in an edge rack where the pallet is supported by… Continue Reading →


What is an export pallet?

Any plastic pallet can be used as an export pallet, but most companies will choose the least costly pallet that will safely hold their shipment. When considering an export pallet, it is wise to consider the cost of product that is placed on the pallet. A $ 50,000 shipment sent on a $9.00 inadequate pallet… Continue Reading →


What is a custom made pallet?

As you wander throughout the internet looking for the size pallet you need, you may find that certain sizes are more common than others. If your shipment requires a size that you cannot find, a custom made pallet may be for you. Our custom made pallets do not require a mold to be made and… Continue Reading →