37 X 37 X 5.5
Item ID: SOL3737

Description: Picture Frame Bottom
Length: 37 in
Width: 37 in
Height: 5.5 in
Dynamic Capacity: 5000 lb
Static Capacity: 30000 lb
Can be used in an unsupported warehouse rack? No
Pallet Weight: 46 lb
Material: Recycled Materials
Pricing: Call for up-to-date pricing!

Additional Info:  18 pallets per stack, 576 pallets per 53′ truck trailer


Beverage 37 X 37 Plastic Pallet designed to be ideal for returnable systems.   The 4-way entry is compatible with nearly all fork trucks and pallet jacks. Open deck makes for easier cleaning.

This Beverage 37 X 37 Plastic Pallet features fire retardant additive, injection molded HDPE for extreme strength, space efficient both in and out of trailers, sanitary and far outlasts wood pallets making this even more cost effective.

Plastic pallets do not require heat treatment, fumigation nor certificates proving they are bug and insect larva free.

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