48 X 40 X 5.9
Item ID: GP140S

Description:  48 X 40 X 5.9   ONE PIECE PALLET
Length: 47.2 in
Width: 39.4 in
Height: 5.9 in
Dynamic Capacity: 3800 lb
Static Capacity: 7000 lb
Can be used in an unsupported warehouse rack? Yes
Open Span Racking Capacity: 1500 lb
Pallet Weight:
25 lb
(updated 6/29/21)

Qty: 10 – 49, Price Each: $ 57,  FOB: MA

Qty:  50 – 249, Price Each:  $ 49.50,  FOB: MA

Qty: 250 – 539, Price Each $ 47.50, ships 15 pallets per stack,  FOB: MA

Truck Load:  540, Price Each:  $ 46, ships 18 per stack, FOB: NC

Additional Info: 
Please note: This pallets ships at an NMFC Class of 250.  What does this mean?  Make sure you consider your shipping costs when ordering this pallet.


Looking for a cost effective way to Rack your product?  Here it is: Economical and stackable and rackable plastic pallet!

In days gone by, plastic rackable pallets were quite expensive.  With today’s engineering talent and machine efficiencies, we can now offer these pallets at a lower cost.  Make sure you do not exceed the weight limits of the pallet.  We do have pallets that will hold more weight, if needed.


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