48 X 40 X 6.1
Item ID: AE48405ROD5

Description: 47.2 X 39.4 X 6.1 Open Deck Five Runner
Length: 47.2 in
Width: 39.4 in
Height: 6.1 in
Dynamic Capacity: 3300 lb
Static Capacity: 8800 lb
Can be used in an unsupported warehouse rack? Yes
Open Span Racking Capacity: 2200 lb
Pallet Weight: 
33 lb
Recycled Polypropylene
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Additional Info:
Stocked product is Black. 17 per Stack, 544 per Truck Load


Light Weight Rackable Plastic Pallet

This light weight rackable plastic pallet is available in the standard dimensions of 48 x 40 inches and is customizable to suit the customers’ needs. For example, there is the possibility to choose an open or closed deck or with three or six runners, which is ideally suited for automated conveyor systems and for block stacking. An important new feature is also the possibility to equip the pallet with additional metal reinforcements. This makes the pallet highly durable and perfectly suited for high racks. Overall, through the additional metal reinforcements, the load capacity can be significantly increased. Optionally safety rims and non-slip stoppers complete the extensive range.


Plastic pallets do not require heat treatment, fumigation nor certificates proving they are bug and insect larva free.

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