48 X 40 X 6.1 Rackable, Stackable Pallet
Item ID: AE48406ROD5

Former Item ID: N/A

Description: 48 x 40 x 6.1- 6 Runner, Open Deck Plastic Pallet, Black
Length: 48 in
Width: 40 in
Height: 6.1 in
Dynamic Capacity: 4,400 lb
Static Capacity: 8,800 lb
Can be used in an unsupported warehouse rack? Yes
Open Span Racking Capacity: 2,200 lb
Pallet Weight:
34 lb
Recycled Polypropylene
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Additional Info:
16 per Stack, 510 per Truck Load  Can be reinforced with 3 metal bars to increase racking capacity to 2,800 lb



Please note:  There are several versions of this pallet as described below.

Open Deck (OD) 3 Runner – 3 runner bottom

Open Deck (OD) 6 Runner – picture frame bottom

Closed Deck 3 Runner – solid top, 3 runner bottom

Closed Deck 6 Runner – solid top, picture frame bottom