Why do pallet prices fluctuate?

The resin used to manufacture plastic pallets is an oil based product. As the price of oil goes up and down (mostly up) so does the price of plastic pallets.


Why all the black pallets?

A good number of black or greyish black pallets contain some percentage of recycled material. Some plastic pallets are 100% recycled materials. Some pallets have no recycled material but are still black.


How come pallets, other than black, are so expensive?

When you were a kid, if you melted all of your crayons together, you would probably end up with black. To get a color other than black, virgin resin is needed. So if you want red, the brand new red resin needs to be purchased. Same with blue, yellow, green and other colors. Since a… Continue Reading →


What are your shipping hours?

Shipping is open from 9AM to 12PM and 1PM to 4:30PM Monday through Thursday. Shipping closes at 4PM on Fridays.


What is dynamic load?

The dynamic load of a pallet is how much weight you can place onto the pallet and still move it with a fork truck or pallet jack without damaging the pallet.


What is static load?

The static load of a pallet is how much weight you can place onto the pallet without it being moved. As this is confusing, here is an example. A pallet has a static load rating of 20,000 lbs. You will place the pallet on the floor and be able to load up to 20,000 lbs… Continue Reading →


How do I know what pallet is right for me?

Great question! Believe it or not, there is an extensive amount of knowledge tied to the use of plastic pallets. What size? How much weight does it need to hold? What are you using the pallet for? How are you moving the pallet? And many many more questions. By talking with you, we can narrow… Continue Reading →


Legal Stuff

Ultimately the choice is yours of which pallet you purchase. We will guide you based on the information that you give us but due to the endless variety of possible uses for these items, customers should carefully consider the fitness and application performance for each intended use. This includes load factors, equipment compatibility and the… Continue Reading →